Ultimate Version Control Solution For Xpedition/PADS Pro

That specifically developed from PCB Designer's perspective and covering all your needs in a single platform

Why Version Control?

Version Control systems helps engineers in many ways.

Easy Access

Version Control systems keeps all designs in one place. Therefore, it's easy to find and access those designs using simple interface like EEforce has.

Access Control

Version Control systems prevents unauthorized access. EEforce has very strict and simple-to-use built-in security features to keep designs files secure.

Reducing Cycle Times

Version Controls systems enforces users to keep design files in one location. Therefore there cannot be redundant copies around. This significantly minimizes human error. Even using version control systems, designers tend to evade such systems if this system slows them down. Using EEforce will add no latency in your usage like other systems does.

Data Security

Version Control Systems keeps project files in a secure storage. EEforce has significantly more secure, and more recoverable storage architechture compared similar systems.

History Tracking

Version Control tracks every changes of files. EEforce creates a new version file for every new Check-In. In EEforce you can create as many versions as you want and anytime you can easily revert old versions while keeping latest untouched.

Efficient Project Management

Version Control Systems helps management to monitor progress of jobs easily. In EEforce, you can easily monitor design progress using built-in previews eaisly, even if you don't have PADS and Xpedition installed on your system.

Key Features

The Journey of EEForce has started just couple of months ago. Despite this, it has great features already, and many more to come soon.

Designed for PCB designers by PCB Designers

EEforce has been specifically designed for PCB Designers by a team of PCB Designers who has decades of experience in Xpedition/PADS Pro and version systems like EDM/xDM, GIT, SVN, TeamCenter systems.

Fast and Stable

We take those aspects very seriously. EEforce has bullet-proof stability and speed-of-light check-in/check-out latency.

Simple yet Powerful

EEforce has been designed to be as simplistic and intuitive as it can be.

Built-In Previews

EEforce extracts Previews from Xpedition and PADS Pro designs automatically and shows them in integrated preview screen.

PCB Layout Preview

Schematic Preview

Bill-Of-Materials(BOM) Preview

Stack-Up Preview

Multi-Board Panel Preview

Minimal Server Requirements, Bullet-Proof Data Security

EEforce Server is a combination of state-of-art technologies and security-centric methodologies. Therefore, it uses no database systems like SQL. Every design data is stored in fileystem. Every project has seperate folder in Vault. It's highly backup and recovery friendly for IT departments.

Super Easy Server Deployment

Server deployment procedure is as simple as following simple wizard steps.

Windows Authentication

EEForce uses Windows Authentication for Server-Client communication. Therefore, no extra account is required, it uses domain account and there's no password authentication required too.

License Options

EEforce has very flexible license options. Please examine following table.

10 or more quantities of same license has %10 discount.
Please reach us by emailing sales@milbitt.com for quotation.

Node Locked

Perpetual/Term Options

EEForce for PADS

Single Computer License



Perpetual/Term Options

EEForce for PADS

Network License


Node Locked

Perpetual/Term Options

EEForce for Xpedition

PADS Pro Support Included

Single Computer License


Perpetual/Term Options

EEForce for Xpedition

PADS Pro Support Included

Network License


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